2nd Apr 2019 - New single and additional tour dates

Not only has our new single, Goodnight Little Empire, been released today, showering the discerning disco-goer with its apocalyptic gloom; we are gleeful to announce additional dates on our forthcoming IMMACULATE CORRECTION TOUR this Summer, including our first show in Paris! + an album launch in-store + signing @Rough Trade on 24th May + a Record Store Day show in Margate with our fervent comrades Meatraffle on 13th April marking the release of our limited edition 7” vinyl duet covers of Italian Rebel Songs Bella Ciao + Brigante Se Mor on Trashmouth Records.

For all dates and ticket links see our SHOWS page.

21st Feb 2019 - Summer tour and new video

Coming to a town near you liebschens! Ladies of the Tron are ecstatic to announce the IMMACULATE CORRECTION TOUR to coincide with the release of our forthcoming album 'Musica alla Puttanesca' out on Trashmouth Records on the 24th May.
You can pre-order your cd or limited-edition blue vinyl from these carefully selected record emporia:
  Piccadilly Records in Manchester
  Resident Records in Brighton
  Rough Trade in London, Bristol and Nottingham

We will be breaking out of the M25 and marauding around this fair green isle throughout June with thanks to our friends at ATC Live. See our Shows page for venue details and ticket links.

As if today was not exciting enough we now have a visual delight to bestow upon you for single 'Sucker Punch'! Thank you to So Young Magazine for premiering, to Dan Pare for the encouraging words and to Niall Trask at THE KILL SHOP for this fine display shot in 8mm at Windmill Brixton